Best Pubic Hair Trimmer for Guys — Top 4 Picks!

It’s the start of the second quarter of 2021. It’s been a little hectic since the covid 19 upended. Many people are still in their homes working remotely due to covid restrictions. My point being, with stores that are being restricted, is your razor or trimmer are still good as is? Do you still maintain your groin area being trimmed? If not, now is the time to consider looking for a new best pubic hair trimmer for guys.

Because a trimmed private area, namely your balls feel refreshing when the overgrown pubes have been cut. We know it’s not easy having them cleaned due to their sensitivity. But we have something for you to consider and we have curated our top 5 best pubic hair trimmer for guys, and here at trimmerguidance, we think that these products are great for you.

Gillette Pro Glide
Pubic Hair Trimmer

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Remington PG525
Pubic Hair Trimmer

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Pubic Hair Trimmer
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Philips Norelco BG7040
Pubic Hair Trimmer
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Why you need a pubic hair trimmer for guys?

Because it’s not a brilliant idea to use the same trimmer for your groin and your beard. Also, this does not need any explanation, but in this case, we will give you an explanation. The fact that using the same trimmer will only cause you problems instead of a solution. That’s why you definitely need to use a separate trimmer for the genital area and for your face, because for hygienic reasons and also due to the groin area has tricky parts compared to the face.

In addition, a pubic hair trimmer for guys is specifically designed to trim your manly parts. Usually, this kind of trimmer is structured for precision and smaller movements, with a protective guard, thinner blade, and added an extra ergonomic handle to reach the difficult areas and angles of the men’s groin area. While on the other hand, beard trimmers have longer clippers that are suited to cut deep swathes in the jawline.

You can also use scissors if you want, but only to cut the overgrown pubes to marginally short ones. Also, scissors may not be a good idea when you are going to cut it clean or when it’s polishing time. After all, the reigning king in this field is still the pubic hair trimmer because they are made exactly to clean and manscape.

Benefits of trimming your pubic hair

While our great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandparent don’t like to trim their pubic hair. Back then, there was no commercialization of the ideal body type in both sexes, unlike today where even shaving our body part deemed to be as accepted in today’s norm. In fact, Andrew Thompson said that anthropologists have speculated that men who are in competition with other men about their pubic hair are compared to a lion’s mane.

But what exactly the benefits of trimming pubic hair? Is it just to make you “cooler”? Here are a few benefits to make you feel better:

Feeling more confident

Because it’s simple psychology. Even if nobody sees what’s beneath your pants, you feel empowered and refreshed. Your confidence level will significantly increase as if you are feeling much stronger than before. Manscaping is not also for cultural acceptance but it’s a way of being hygienic. It’s a remarkable feeling as if there’s a placebo effect of confident boosting. Also, will partner will be grateful because of the changes you have done.

It’s more cooler (literally and figuratively)

Summer is finally here, which means there will be hot days and fun basking under the sun. One word that closely associates with summer — beach! If you are going to wear trunks, better to trim first in order to prevent those overgrown hair appear while you are walking confidently on the beach sand.

Also, pubic hair adds some heat the which makes you feel uncomfortable and it feels icky when you are under the blazing heat. That said, trimming your groin area will greatly let your private area breathe and it lets them feels cooler.

Take good care of your body and trim some of the overgrown hair be it your beard, hair, and even around your genital parts. It feels cooler and you will gain more confidence look much cooler. There’s no problem if you have one of the best trimmer for guys at hand.

Nobody wants unexpected tendrils in their teeth

Because we live in the 21st century, and you are still in your 70s-style, consider your partner first. It’s not a great time when you are in your intimate moments when suddenly there’s an unexpected tendril stuck in your teeth. It can ruin the gift of love. In order to prevent such cases, it’s crucial for you to learn the importance of trimming. Once you have learned it, enjoy it and at least shave your pubes when it’s really necessary.

Prevents the chance of having pubic lice

Nobody wants to talk about this. But we need to be straightforward about this. No one wants to have pubic lice down under. It’s icky and a real 180-degree turn-off for your partner. If you somehow trim your crotch, you will likely decrease the presence of pubic lice and they will even don’t stand a chance to reside underneath your pants. This is the last thing you want to happen in your life and better trim your pubes in order to prevent the chance of having pubic lice.

Also, there are cleaning products that are suited for male’s private parts and even for maintaining healthy and clean pubic hair. Consider looking at them along with a pubic hair trimmer for guys.

No more itchiness and irritation

Most likely when summer hits, our body temperature will gradually rise especially on the crotch where it’s vulnerable to irritation and itchiness when it’s hot. It doesn’t need to bald when you try to trim your pubic hair, but a fine and simple trim will do, not short and definitely not long. Your goal is to reduce those pesky overgrown hear to scratch your balls unexpectedly. There are also additional grooming tools that are worth your money. Consider buying and make an investment not only in your facial hair and head hair but also down under your body.

Trimming may not be the norm (yet) but it’s hygienic

The subtitle says it all. Because trimming is not about getting yourself according to the acceptance of the sexualized culture, but you need to trim because it’s more hygienic and it’s to keep your private area clean and prevents any infection or bacteria from coming in. It’s not about getting laid (sure it also counts), but what you need is to be comfortable. You also need to smell and feels fresh at the same time.

Thus keeping your pubic hair short or trimmed well likely reduce any pubic lice and bacterial infections. Also, wash them well when you are taking a bath don’t just hover them with soap, thoroughly wash them.

Trimming makes it look bigger

Trimming not only is great for cleaning and for hygiene. A tree surrounding by big bushes makes the tree look smaller. When the bush is trimmed and trimmed accordingly, you will see a big difference, and the fact that it emphasizes the tree that looks taller than usual, get what I’m saying? Of course, you sure do. Not only it applies to art and photography, but it’s also applicable to proper hygiene. Worry no more when you have a dull trimmer because we will cover some of the best pubic hair trimmers for guys.

Best Pubic Hair Trimmer for Guys — Top 4 Picks!

OUR TOP PICK: Gillette Pro Glide
  • Durability
  • Efficiency
  • Value for Money


All in all, if you are looking for a lower price point with great performance, it’s better to pick this. The Styler has also three combs included and it’s quite precise the fact that it’s powered by Braun technology. Your money will not go to waste when you choose this.




Cheaper price


You still need to change the batteries and the blades


Remington PG525 Pubic Hair Trimmer

When it comes to all-around hair clippers, we pick the Remington PG525. It’s not just the pubic hair that can cut this all arounder hair trimmer, but rather it’s from head to toe. That said, it comes with multiple attachments that are suited for different body parts in order to shave them effectively, quickly, and easily.

You don’t need to have all the attachments, but you will be obliged to need it because it’s included in the package of Remington PG525. Attachments such as Body hair trimmer, foil shaver, body hair trimmer, and full-size trimmer, to name a few. Everything you need is in this superb package, and all of them are easy to wash.

This hair trimmer uses surgical steel blades. That said, it built with premium materials for premium cutting and durable precision. Powered by lithium-ion that has a runtime of up to 70 minutes of use. It’s waterproof so you can do it while taking a shower.

Overall, sometimes a trimmer for pubes is not enough. Because there’s for instance that you will need to shave some areas of your body and not just your pubic hair. That’s why we gladly recommend the Remington PG525 because it’s worth considering in your investment. Plus you have some extra accessories for different trimming and shaving sessions.

  • It has many attachments
  • Great blades
  • Good for trimming jobs
  • Not that good when trimming thicker tufts compared to other trimmers

ZPSTRONG Pubic Hair Trimmer

While ZPSTRONG Pubic Hair Trimmer is the least known among the brands we have listed here, don’t be swayed by the big brands. Although they got some reps and well-received ratings, it’s best to try some of the newcomer brands. One of them is this amazing ZPSTRONG trimmer for pubic hair. It has interesting features and looks decent enough to be considered here on our list.

Engineered with greatness. This pube hair trimmer has a safe precision blade, made from soft ceramic blades which are quite durable. Moreover, it’s sharp, rust-proof, and replaceable. Great for sensitive skin also. The blade can cut swiftly and cleanly keeping away any harm on the skin no matter how coarse the hair.

You can safely use this while in the shower because it can be used in wet and dry. Also, there’s low vibration so when using this, it’s soothing and not annoying. The overall design is great and comes with an all-black finish. The grip is rubberized so you can get a firm grip when in use, especially in wet situations.

All in all, this trimmer is really designed for the chest, crotch, and even in body hairs. The ZPSTRING may be a relatively new brand but it offers remarkable features that are competitive to the known trimmer brands. It’s great because waterproof and the handle has better grips. Nothing can go wrong when using this. Probably our pick for the best pubic hair trimmer for guys when it comes to emerging brands.

  • Wet and dry use
  • Great ergonomics
  • Sleek design
  • None so far

Philips Norelco BG7040/42 Pubic Hair Trimmer

Philips Norelco BG7040/42 has great features when it comes to getting your pubic hair job done. This body groomer has a dual-sided design which makes the trimmer switch to another especially if you are not only trimming your genital area but other areas of your body.

This is really helpful the fact that you don’t have to switch from another trimmer device when one will be enough to shave it all. Philips Norelco is great because it cuts precisely and at any varied length of pubic hairs. That said, the Philips is adjustable and you can change it up to 5 lengths. You will not slip when using this because it has a great grip for you to hold on to.

It has a great design. Not only that, this is powered by lithium-ion. That said, this enables you to use it for a maximum of 80 minutes with only an hour to full charge. Although you cannot use this while charging, you can use the device completely cordless and it has an international voltage of 100 to 220.

Overall, this is probably our last in our reviewed products but that doesn’t mean it’s the least. This is still great. It has a great grip and it’s really ergonomic, not to mention it’s versatile — perfect for wet and dry situations.

  • Dual side design
  • Great ergonomics
  • Excellent for wet and dry use
  • It’s fairly heavy compared to other trimmers

Things to consider when buying a hair trimmer for guys

Before buying your ideal pubic hair trimmer for guys, you need to consider these features first. Otherwise, you are going to buy an incompatible product for yourself. What you need is the right tool for you that is easy to maneuver and efficient to shave so you won’t have any trouble when you are trimming.

dry, wet, or versatile?

Most hair trimmers both in the pubic and body work great for wet and dry usage. This is because you are more likely to shave during or after shower. Some prefer shaving when they are in the shower, others mind their trimming session dry. But, it’s actually much preferable to shave while soaking in the warm showing because it softens the hair making it easier to shave. So, carefully choose what you really prefer either wet dry, or versatile.

Choose a hair trimmer that lasts long

One of the important qualities you need to look at is how long it can last. Durability is important because this will save you money for a long time. The best way to find out is not just looking at the product features posted by the company itself but look through the comment section. See if it’s really true to what they advertised. Read some of the customer reviews and also weigh in some options if you have. Durability plays a vital role in the overall performance not just the visual outlook nor the ergonomics.

Not just better pubic trimmer but also better attachments

As we know, most pubic hair trimmers include different types of attachments and it’s a nice thing for you. The accessories help you maintain the trimmer and also help you trim your crotch area neatly. These attachments can cut various lengths of hair and even how dense and curl it is. In addition, make sure that it has a better feature that will aid you as you trim your private area. Attachments can make your trimming job easier.

The battery life

The best hair trimmer for pubes yet is cordless. The only downside of this is sometimes it can die out easily especially if you buy a device that has only a short battery lifespan. It can ruin your momentum when suddenly your hair trimmer. Most of all, no one wants to go out of their bathroom half-assed just to recharge their trimmer. So take heed, make sure you will consider the battery life. Most cordless trimmers are powered by lithium-ion which has more battery life.

Cordless or cord?

There are arguably two types of hair trimmers cordless and corded. Although people have been using the cordless model because it’s versatile and no wires that are a hindrance when trimming the crotch area. Only a few people are using corded hair trimmers albeit limited in the range of motion and it’s fairly difficult to use. It’s up to you whether you will choose the cordless or the other as long as you feel it’s right, then it’s good for you.

Consider the power of the motor

It’s a crucial part to look for a powerful motor. After all, what you are after with hair trimmers are efficient, precise, neat, and quick to do the job. That’s why the most important thing you will look at above all is the power of the motor. You don’t want a sluggish, slow pube trimmer that is difficult to cut through the black forest around your balls and penis area. What you need to look for is a powerful motor with at least 4000 rpm. The more rpm, the better trimming experience you will get. Again, what you want in the pubic hair trimmer is it can do a job that’s quick and easy.

Sharp blades are better

As much as you want a powerful in your ideal pubic hair trimmer, you might also want to add sharper blades. Even if you have a powerful motor, if you have dull blades, it’s pointless and it will just cause you trouble. Pubic hair is thicker than head hair and facial hair. You will need a sharper blade that can cut through thick grass. The best materials of blades are carbon steel, stainless steel, and even titanium. These types of blades are your perfect partner for your trimming session.

Commonly Asked Questions

Can I wash my pubes with shampoo?

You don’t need to shampoo your pubic hair when washing it. A water and gentle soap will be just fine. The fact that shampoos todays have ingredients that increases the volume of the hair which makes it more shiny and bouncy. Bottom line is, you don’t have to because a soap and water will do.

Do I really need to shave my pubic hair?

As a matter of fact, you don’t. The reason why pubic hair are in the place where it belongs, because they have a purpose there. They help any bacteria and infections to come into your private parts. Pubes are not design as an aesthetic appeal or to feel uncomfortable. The majority why people shave or trim their pubic hair is because it’s what the culture dictates. Although there’s nothing wrong with that and it’s perfectly fine if you will shave. Just don’t forget to look for some of our reviewed best pubic hair trimmer for guys.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, if you feel comfortable trimming your pubic hair, then so be it. Be sure to apply some cream or anything this is to prevent any skin irritation. Because our groin area has sensitive skin so you better be careful. If you are not using the right tool, chances are there will be harmful when you are performing some trimming job. That’s why you need the best pubic hair for guys, and you can actually get some here.

What’s product do you think fit you? Throw us some comments!