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The Best Clippers for African American Hair are Right Here

Shopping the best clippers for African American hair can be difficult or even almost impossible. After all, not many of the brands really advertise whether their products work well for afro-textured hair. If you’re looking for some clippers that can really do you good, we’ve got your back.

best clippers for African American hairER1611 by Panasonic Check Price
5-Star 8148 Professional by Wahl Check Price

In today’s article, we have an in-depth buying guide to help you out. In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know in order to figure out what makes a good clipper for Afro-textured hair. The intent is to make sure you know what to look for in the best clippers for African American hair. That way, you will be able to make your own decision on whether a product you are looking for suits your needs or not. Furthermore, we’ve also made sure to include some recommendations of products you can purchase. On top of that, we have also made sure to review these products so that it will be possible to tell exactly what you need. Our recommendations are just some of the products we realized were the best for handling African American textured hair.

If you’re ready to get into our recommendations for the best of the best when it comes to clippers for Afro-textured hair, so are we. Let’s jump straight into our recommendations for the best of the best when it comes to these products. After that, we will take a look at the buying guide – so don’t forget to read all the way through to the end!

Best Clippers for African American Hair – Our Recommendations

We want to help you decide on the right hair clippers for you. If you’re looking for some recommendations for the best clippers for African American hair, we have got your back. We put together some recommendations below that you can choose from to make your decision easier.

However, we do want to say that the products below are simply recommendations, and not the end all be all. If none of these strike your fancy, there are a ton of other clippers out there that might be the right one for you. These products below are simply what we have decided are pretty good in terms of quality. They are also good in terms of how well they can cut African American hair.

And so, here are some of our recommendations, just to give you a starting point in your shopping journey.

Our Favorite
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Value for Money


The ER1611 fulfills the very first thing you need in a clipper meant for African American hair –  a strong and powerful motor. It can put out a solid 10000 revolutions per minute (RPM), which is quite honestly far stronger than a lot of the other products on the market today. This device with its strong motor can cut hair a lot quicker and much more smoothly. The best part is, despite the fact that this device has a really strong motor, it is still rather quiet during operation. Not bad, right? It’s so quiet that you won’t likely wake people up as you shave like normal.

Quite honestly, the best part of this clipper is the fact that the blades are simply top notch. They are made of stainless steel, and they are edged in an angle of 45 degrees. It is for this reason that you can be sure the ER1611 will give you a precise cut and shave every single time. Indeed, even the thicker and tougher hair types  will be cut by butter by this specific clipper.

Additional Features of the ER1611 by Panasonic

  • The blades stay sharp for quite a long time, thanks to Panasonic’s DLC coating and the TiN coating. DLC stands for Diamond-like carbon. TiN means Titanium Nitride.
  • Blades have a surface much larger compared to the competition. This allows more hair to get caught and cut with every single stroke. Also, this is called “curved” blade design.
  • The blade length is adjustable by using the attachment combs. You can go anywhere from 0.33 millimeters all the way to 15 millimeters. The adjustments can be made with the dial found on the clipper’s body.
  • This clipper uses battery power. It needs to be plugged in for one hour in order to get fully charged, and then it will run for 50 minutes. It might also run for longer than that, depending on your usage patterns.


  • Only needs one hour to fully charge
  • Runs for 50 minutes minimum, can be longer
  • Attachments are fantastic, and lengths are easily adjustable
  • The blades come at an angle of forty five degrees. This allows for great performance as you cut
  • There is a quick charging capability so you can plug in and have enough juice for one shave
  • Curved blades


  • The motor gets louder and louder as the unit speed is set higher. This can be disruptive if you aren’t used to it, or if you are just waking up. It can also bother people around you.


Wahl 5-Star 8148 Professional

One of the best options on the market when it comes to the best clippers for African American hair is the 5-Star 8148 Professional by Wahl. This product is quite amazing for those who have Afro-textured hair or even just coarser and thicker hair in general. Certainly, this is a product for you to consider.

The 8148 is a product that is quite amazing since it works at home, but professionals use it too. It’s even more versatile considering it works corded or wired. And, if you need the additional maneuverability and control, PLUS portability… Wahl’s offering also works cordless. Isn’t it fantastic? It operates cordlessly through the help of a Lithium battery, which has a run time of 90 minutes or more per charge. Not bad, considering professionals will need to have a unit that will run a long time. Furthermore, if you frequently travel internationally, you’ll enjoy the fact that this unit is dual-voltage. You can rest assured that no matter where you go in the world, the 8148 will work seamlessly and perfectly.

This device runs on an electromagnetic motor. As a result, it is not just quick, but also clean – and on top of that it is rather quiet. Even better for those who need to use it in early mornings. You can know for sure that the quality of the cuts is top notch due to the features that this clipper has. For one, there is this taper lever located on its side to help you achieve professional-quality fading. The same lever will also help you to blend the cut rather easily. Using this trimmer, you can give yourself barbershop cut right at the comfort of your own home.

Additional Features of the Wahl 5-Star 8148 Professional

  • Features blades that are quite unique – they’re stagger-toothed. They are rather high-precision with no overlaps. And, they cut faster if you move the clipper through hair faster. As a result, you get a quick shave even through coarse hair. The 8148 shaves effortlessly, without catching or pulling on hair.
  • Blade guards are included to prevent any possible accidents.
  • This clipper is light weight, only weighing 10 ounces. It’s also only 6.25 long in inches – so it’s quite easy to grip. There is an indentation on the front of the body to make the grip more ergonomic.
  • Wahl’s 8148 is easy to control. On its side is the power switch, easily controllable with just the thumb. However, for those who are left handed, this isn’t ideal.
  • Attachments include 6 combs, but you also get a brush, a lubrication system, as well as a charger.

Pros and Cons of the Wahl 5-Star 8148 Professional


✔️Runs really quietly so you won’t be waking anybody up.
✔️Blades are aggressive, making them perfect for Afro-textured hair.
✔️The device and the blades are low maintenance. Plus, the blades stay sharp for quite a long time.
✔️You have a lot of styling options given all of the attachments.
✔️Device holds its charge for quite a long time, and also runs for a relatively long period (90 mins).

❌There is no battery indicator to tell you how much charge you have left. For a device that is advertised for professionals, this is quite a misstep for Wahl. Imagine a pro running out of charge in the middle of working on a client simply because they have no way to tell how much charge is left. At least Wahl does make up for it by the fact that the 8148 can be used corded.

How Do You Choose The Best Clippers for African American Hair?

best clippers for african american hair

When you shop for clippers for afro-textured hair, there are quite a few things to consider. After all, African American hair is truly different in texture, and as a result you need special clippers to handle them properly. And so, to help you out, we have made sure that we put together this buying guide, with everything that you need to know. So, here are the things that you should be looking for when you are shopping for clippers for afro-textured hair.

The Right Motor Makes a Huge Difference

Clippers come in different configurations. As a result of this, some of them will have weaker motors, while some will have really strong ones. For African American hair, you will need a motor that is good, and is also powerful. Just like you would need a good car to win a race, you also need a good motor in your trimmer to finish everything without snagging hair or breaking down mid way. When you look at trimmers, you should make a note of the unit’s RPM on the motor. The higher this number is, the better. Higher numbers would also mean a stronger motor, which then results in an easier, smoother shave.

Afro-textured hair can be rather thick. It can be various degrees of curly, and it may also most likely be coarse. For this reason, a weaker motor simply won’t do. You’ll need a motor that can handle everything that you need and more.

On top of seeking a clipper with a motor that is powerful enough, you must also look for one that is quiet. It’s a good idea to get a clipper that operates quietly unless you want to wake people up as you use it in the early mornings.

Sturdy Blades are Best – Sharp Ones Too

For African Americans, it’s good to make sure that you get a clipper with sharp and sturdy blades. A sturdy blade makes a huge difference because otherwise, complications could arise. Hair could get caught in the blades or the safe guards. Skin could become irritated. Hair could snag and get yanked out. Surely, none of those sings sound pleasant in the slightest. And so, a sturdy blade can really help you get a safe and easy cut, especially if it is as sharp as it can be. Blades should also be angled right to make it easier for you to get a closer, cleaner shave.

Look for a clipper that has self sharpening blades, if you can. It can be quite helpful in this case. Also look for blades that are flexible, so that you can more easily maneuver with less risk of cuts and nicks.

Do You Want Wireless or Corded?

There are a couple of options for you to choose from when shopping for a clipper. One of them is the option of corded, and the other is wireless. Corded units are a pretty good choice if you don’t really need to bring your device anywhere.

Corded Clippers

If it is just going to remain at home, in your bathroom or on your dresser, then there’s no need to spring for a cordless device. Corded units have the benefit of never running out of power in the middle of your shaving session. You also don’t have to remember to charge it, ever. In terms of utter convenience, corded devices are great. They’re super easy to use and are literally plug and play. Corded units are lovely in their own ways, but they do have their disadvantages too. For example, it can be harder to use them since you’ll literally have the wire in the way. The wire will also make the device a little heavier, and as a result you will have a harder time shaving over all.

Wireless Clippers

Wireless devices have their own positives and their own pitfalls. A wireless device is far more portable. You can travel with them and pretty much use them anywhere you please without needing a socket to plug into. They’re lighter in general, on top of being waterproof. Well, some of the units are waterproof. So make sure yours is before you attempt to use it in the shower! A wireless device is also far more maneuverable, so you can more easily turn the unit every which way to get to the areas that are a bit harder to reach.

Clippers that are cordless, however, do rely on their batteries. So if you get a unit that has a battery life that is sub par or is far too short, you’re not gonna be happy. You might frequently run out of charge in the middle of your shaving session, so you would have to plug in to charge for a while before being able to use it again. Talk about an utter waste of time, right? And so, if you plan on getting a cordless device, make sure that you find one that has a battery with a long enough lifespan for your needs. Oh, and do also look for a device that offers fast charging.

Fast charging means you can charge your device very quickly in case you run out of juice in the middle of a shave. Charge it for five minutes or so and you can immediately use it to finish your shave before you have to get going out the door.

Wireless + Corded

Of course, you also have the option of a wireless + corded device because they do exist. Indeed, you can get a unit that offers both options for more versatility. And it’s truly not a bad choice if you want to be able to plug in and use your shaver if you run out of juice in the middle of your session.

Accessories Can Make or Break Your Purchase

Normally, we would tell you that when you shop for a clipper all you need to look at is the quality of the actual clipper in and of itself. And while this is still inherently important, it’s also good for you to check the accessories. This is especially important when you are shopping for the best clippers for african american hair.  Afro-textured hair will need a little extra care when getting trimmed. And so you will need a few different combs for styling.

The combs are guards, to allow you to cut your hair to a specific length or size, depending on the comb attachment. For those who have hair that is curly, thick, and/or coarse, it’s important to have various attachments available. That way, it will become easier to tackle hair in any way you might need to.

When shopping for a clipper, you also want to be sure to look for options that might offer a replacement blade.

Blades can easily become dull, and this is entirely normal of course. Unfortunately, there’s no way to stop this completely – even in self-sharpening blades. There certainly are kits that include blade replacements in case you ever needed them. This can save you quite a bit of cash, because you will no longer have to buy a new clipper every time it dulls.

How Will The Trimmer Make Your Skin React?

African American skin may be a bit more sensitive than other skin types. And as a result, you will need to consider this as you shop for your desired clipper. The best clippers for African American skin will feature blades that may be hypoallergenic and rounded. This will ensure that the blade will glide on the skin without causing irritations. It’s also to ensure that you won’t get rashes, razor burns, or bumps. Special hypoallergenic blades won’t tug at the skin as well, which will prevent potential nicks and cuts from happening in the future.

How Difficult Will it Be to Maintain?

It’s important for you to check how difficult the unit will be to maintain. Is it as simple as running it under water for a while before you put it away? Do you have to dismantle it every time? Cleaning your device should be easy and painless. This is so that you can make sure you will do it after each and every use. After all, properly maintaining your unit will make a huge difference in its lifespan. It will also keep your blades sharp for far longer.

Some blades will require you to clean it with a brush, then oil it afterwards. In fact, this is likely how most of the units are cleaned. But, those that are waterproof can in fact be cleaned by running it under water and leaving it to dry.

Oiling your blades regularly is also quite important to ensure that you are maintaining it properly. So don’t fail to do this at least once a week! In fact, you should be doing this before use, and after use (once you’ve cleaned the clipper!).


Afro-textured hair can be much more difficult for a clipper to get through. This is why you need a clipper that has a strong motor capable of easily cutting thicker and coarser hair. We hope that today’s guide enables you to find the right clippers for you, so that you can have a much easier time overall. With the right clippers, you’ll find that you can shave easily – your blades will simply glide through your hair with graceful ease.

Once you have found the right clippers for your needs, don’t forget to maintain them properly! This way, you’ll have your device around for a very long time. After all, even the best clippers for African American hair still need a little TLC now and then. Good luck with your shopping!