Top 5 Best Hair Scissors for Home Use in 2022

When you decide to groom yourself at home, then you have to consider getting the best tools for the job. That can include buying the best hair scissors for home use. If you are in the market for such tools, this guide will give you all the information you want. You should never have to worry about being confused with the many options available.

Below is a table detailing the models we have reviewed in the guide. From the table, you should have an idea of what to choose for the best haircuts.

ScissorsBrandExpert RatingCheck Price
Sirabe 10 Pcs Hair Cutting Scissors Set Check Price
HIMART Professional Home Hair Cutting Kit Check Price
Bamoer Professional Hair Cutting Scissors Set Check Price
KINSARO Barber Scissors for Professional Hair Cuts Check Price
Purple Dragon 6.0 Inches Professional Hair Cutting Scissors Check Price

How to Choose the Best Hair Scissors for Home Use

The Size of the Scissors

When choosing the best hair scissors for home use, we recommend that you invest in getting something that fits in your hand comfortably.

When the scissors are too small, your hand will experience a limited range of motion. If they are too big, then you experience a negative effect on the cutting motion.

The industry standard is 5.5 inches. So, make sure that you choose a model within this range to make the hair cutting activity easier.

The Type of Scissors

The type of scissors is important as it determines the applications. The most common options will be straight scissors and thinning scissors.

The straight scissors are good for handling almost everything you need in terms of haircutting. You would find it being a top choice for professional and DIY barbers.

The thinning scissors are good for handling thick hair. They are also ideal for achieving the most common hairstyles in men.

If you can get the two in one package, then that would make the package quite versatile.

The Material

The scissors materials will determine its durability. Most of the scissors in the market are made of steel. Go for those made of stainless steel as they will not rust even when left outdoors.


The handle often determines if the best hair scissors for home use would be easy to use or not. The handle would also affect the comfort you get when using the pair of scissors.

Some of the top options you will get as handles include offset grip shears, opposing grip, swivel thumb, and left-handed grip. Pick the correct one depending what makes it good for you.

Top 5 Best Hair Scissors for Home Use

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: Sirabe 10 Pcs Hair Cutting Scissors Set
  • Ease of Use
  • Quality
  • Blades
  • Ergonomics
  • Sheerness


One of the reasons you get these best hair scissors for home use is that they are good in terms of durability. The manufacturer made them to easily handle any cutting needs that you might have in mind. As such, they are likely to last for a long time to come even if you have to use them more often.

The model is also adjustable so that you have a better flexibility when trimming the different parts.


✔️It is a sharp pair of scissors

✔️It comes with a shock absorber adhesive

✔️The model features an adjustable screw


❌Some feel the finger holes are too small

Runner’s Up

HIMART Professional Home Hair Cutting Kit

This is one of the top options to consider when looking for the best hair scissors for home use. Having several types of haircutting shears in one set makes it quite versatile. There is one with straight blades and there is another one with textured blades. It should now be easy to give yourself a professional cut at home.

The scissors are made of high-quality stainless-steel material. This material is all about durability and performance. You will also enjoy using the tempered precise blades on the scissors. Cutting your hair just got better with such precise blades.

The thinning scissors on the other hand have a convex hollow ground to improve on edge retention and performance. The thinning teeth are also good for various styles you might want to achieve when using the pair of scissors.

Many people find the scissors having an ergonomic grip. Such a design will make the set feel comfortable in the hand. You would use the scissors for long without them straining your fingers.

  • The model has an ergonomic design
  • It comes with multiple accessories
  • The stainless-steel blades are durable
  • They need regular sharpening to enjoy a razor-sharp edge

Bamoer Professional Hair Cutting Scissors Set

The model stands out for being heavy-duty thanks to the use of the 440C stainless steel material. As such, the pair stands out as being durable, heat-resistant, anti-corrosion, and many other great features. Because of such features the pair can be good for home or barber use with ease.

Many people will find the scissors being the best since they have tempered precise blades. These blades are important for leaving you with impressive results all the time. You can hand sharpen and end up with some of the best sharp blades ever.

This package of the best hair scissors for home use includes the thinning scissors too. Such are great for making sure that you end up with different hairstyles with ease. There is also a smooth razor edge which should make it even better for trimming different hair types.

The kit has everything that you need to start grooming in the carrying case. As such, you should end up with the best performance on overall.

  • The package has several accessories
  • The blades can maintain the sharpness for long
  • These scissors have a wide range of applications
  • The adjustment screw on the thinning shears does not do much

KINSARO Barber Scissors for Professional Hair Cuts

For those who are still in the market for the best hair scissors for home use, this is a nice choice for them. One thing that stands out should be the smooth cutting action of the scissors. This is because the scissors would deliver on quality cuts without making much noise.

As part of making the scissors good in performance, you also get precise bearing screw. This is where you can easily adjust the scissors to suit your cutting needs. The cutting performance can be adjusted depending on the application.

The ergonomic handle is good for reducing fatigue and strain on your fingers when using the pair of scissors more often. Comparing them to the other models, you should find that such scissors deliver on the best ergonomics.

The blades are well-balanced and very sharp. The result is that you never have to worry about cutting your hair. They also remain sharp for longer. No need to keep sharpening the hair scissors more often.

  • The blade remains sharp for longer
  • The scissors are good at smooth hair cutting
  • You can easily adjust the precision screw
  • Some users feel that the scissors are too heavy for regular use

Purple Dragon 6.0 Inches Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

This is a nice choice too as the best hair scissors for home use. The manufacturer made the scissors to cut perfectly each time you use them. This is thanks to making the scissors have a sharp blade. The blade can last a lot longer compared to what you get with the other types of scissors.

Another special feature to mention is that the model is meant for left-handed users. If you have always had a hard time getting left-handed scissors, this should be good news for you. So, you should now be able to trim your hair better since you have the right scissors.

Many people will enjoy the smooth and efficient action of the hair scissors. The blade is finely honed so that you can always experience a smooth cutting experience. The western hand design also makes it feel good in terms of comfort in the hand. When other models might be heavy, this one feels lightweight.

The manufacturer gives you a lifetime guarantee. Not many manufacturers would do the same. You will now not have to worry about the maintenance of the scissors as all that will be handled by the manufacturer.

  • Ergonomic hair scissors
  • The scissors are comfortable
  • The blades remain sharp for longer
  • Only good for left-handers

4 Important Accessories for Hair Scissors for Home Use

Hair Dryer

Every person who wants to have an easy time grooming needs to have a hair dryer. This is an important tool you will always find in a barbershop and homes. The hair dryer is crucial for quickly drying the hair before cutting it with ease.

Since you are not a professional barber, consider something simple. All you need is a model that can help handle any quick hair drying needs that you might have in mind.


When the shears are not being used, there is the need to store them correctly. Leaving the blades exposed can lead to damage and sometimes injury.

To prevent a child from easily accessing the blades, we recommend that you get a case. The case should be hard to open for a kid thus maintaining safety.

Luckily, you might get some scissors coming with the case as part of the package. That can help a lot in safeguarding your scissors. If the case is missing, then consider buying a separate one.

Hair Comb

Even when you are doing some simple haircuts, you need to get the best hair comb too. It is a crucial accessory that you will get in every home today.

A hair comb is essential for providing you with better control when making the cuts. The hair combs can also be made of different materials. So, make sure to pick one that delivers on the best performance just as you want.


Another thing you have to consider is the whetstone. This is an essential accessory for sharpening your pair of scissors.

As you continue using the scissors, at some point they will get dull. When this happens, it is time to use the whetstone or any other sharpening stone to get them sharp once again.


Can you adjust the hair scissors tension?

Yes. A good pair o scissors should have an adjustment screw on it. This allows you to quickly adjust the scissors to have the right tension. The scissors are not supposed to be too tight or too loose.

How often should you lubricate the hair scissors?

If you have to use the hair scissors several times a week, then consider lubricating weekly. Otherwise, you can lubricate as soon as you feel the scissors seem to experience a lot more friction.

How often should you sharpen a pair of scissors?

For most models, you might have to sharpen once a year. It is the poor-quality scissors that need frequent sharpening every few months.


The best hair scissors for home use do not have to be expensive. They just need to be functional. When you get a model that works great, you can be sure to enjoy cutting your hair with ease. Look at the reviews of the model to find one that is good for various cutting needs you might have in mind. The last thing you need is a pair of scissors that cannot work great. Pick any one we have reviewed above and you should end up with a great tool for grooming yourself.