best pubic hair trimmer for guys

Best Pubic Hair Trimmer for Guys: Reviews

If you are looking for the best pubic hair trimmer for guys, we’ve got your back. Today, we have put together a really in depth article meant to help you shop for the best of the best of the best. We’ve included our recommendations and also made sure to review them. Each prominent feature of the device is listed and reviewed – including all of the pros and the cons. We didn’t stop there, of course. In this article, we even included a buying guide so you know what to look for in a trimmer. And, we made sure that we followed up with many tips and tricks to really make your life a lot easier.

BG7030/49 Norelco Bodygroom by Philips – Series 7000 Check Price
ES412 by Clearcut Check Price

There are a ton of different reasons why guys trim or shave their pubes. It could be for the purposes of hygiene, for example, since pubic hair can trap sweat and moisture. Along with that, of course, bacteria. Apart from hygiene, there is also the reason of personal preferences. Some men simply prefer a much cleaner look, after all. And, finally, there is the reason of them wanting to trim for improved intimacy with their partners.

Regardless of the reason why you want to trim your pubic hair, it’s important that you get yourself the best pubic hair trimmer for guys. This way, you can be sure that you’ll get a clean trim every single time.

A Quick Buying Guide

best pubic hair trimmer for guys

Before we go right ahead into some of our recommendations when it comes to contenders of best pubic hair trimmer for guys, we thought it might be good to give you a guide. By that, we mean a guide of what to look for in the tools you buy. We won’t dilly dally here, so let’s get right to it, shall we? Remember that the tools you have will truly make a big difference in the results you get. So take our advice on the below!

More powerful does mean better!

Pubic hair, by nature, is coarse. Sometimes it is even kinky. It is for this exact reason that the tools we use for trimming down below should be powerful. Truth is, we can likely get away with weaker tools for our faces and heads. But, when it comes to pubic hair? You won’t want a device that is a slouch in the motor department. A slow and sluggish trimmer will certainly struggle to get through your pubic hair. As a result, your hair might end up getting caught in the blades or in the safety guard. Ouch!

If you’re in the market for a trimmer, you’ll want one that has a motor capable of producing 4000 RPM. This will be enough power to ensure that the blades cut through your hair down there like butter. It won’t snag, it won’t pull, and you won’t be trying to trim with dull blades!

You should absolutely make sure the blades are sharp.

When you’re looking for the right pubic hair trimmer, remember to look for sharp blades. Yes, the blades on your trimmer should be just as sharp as you! It’s so incredibly important for your blades to be sharp because otherwise you’ll get an awful result. Dull blades simply won’t do when you’re trying to get through coarse, wiry hairs. And so, we would argue that the best pubic hair trimmer for guys would ideally have a blade that is rounded, sharp, stainless steel, and hypoallergenic.

Do you want wired or wireless?

Next thing to consider is whether you want a device that is wired or wireless. This may also be called a corded or cordless unit. There are many advantages and disadvantages to both. But, in the end, it all boils down to your needs as well as your personal preferences.

Go for a wired unit if you don’t anticipate traveling often. If you know that you’ll be leaving your trimmer in your home most of the time, corded is fine. After all, there is no real need to have a wireless unit if you won’t be leaving home with it. Wired units may sometimes also be more affordable, so that is certainly something to consider. Do note, however, that corded devices are in fact more difficult to maneuver. When there is a wire in the way, it’s hard to really change your grip around a lot. This is certainly something to consider when you are making your purchase. But hey, at least you won’t be running out of battery in the middle of a trim!

Cordless units are far more convenient and easy to control. They are lighter, more portable, and can be brought and used anywhere you please. However, not all units will have stellar battery life. As a result, you may find that you can run out of charge in the middle of your grooming session. However, as long as you remember to charge regularly, the benefits of a cordless unit far oughtweigh their negatives.

Battery Life Matters

Since we just mentioned cordless trimmers and their batteries, we might as well mention that you should look for a unit with a good battery life. Don’t settle for just any unit because it’s the cheapest you’ve found. Look at specs and reviews – this is the best way to ensure you’ve got the best pubic hair trimmer for guys. Well, at least in terms of battery life, that is. Just remember – a good battery life means a much easier time shaving!

Attachments Also Matter

The best pubic hair trimmer for guys will come with many attachments. These attachments will make a world of difference. They will let you trim your hair down in different lengths. The safety guards will also be included. This is rather important, as you won’t want to nick your sensitive skin, after all. And so, we fully recommend going for a unit that comes with all of the bells and whistles. At least when it comes to the attachments, that is.

Quality and Size

Quality goes without saying. After all, a trimmer should be something you purchase once that will last you for a very long time. There shouldn’t be any need to replace it for at least a few years. So, invest in a unit that will be hardy enough to survive a good few years of use. In terms of size, the best pubic hair trimmer for guys isn’t always the biggest. Bigger devices can be more cumbersome and harder to maneuver. The trimmer should be a decent size, easy to grasp but not to operate.

Wet Use or Dry Use

Something for you to consider is whether you want a trimmer that can be used wet or not. There are models of the best pubic hair trimmer for guys out there today that are made only to be used dry. As in, you can’t get them wet or else. You might make the blade rust, or you might make the device short circuit or malfunction even. But regardless, it’s important to make sure you only use these units when your hair is dry. Not even slightly damp – completely dry.

Devices that can be used wet are a great option. They offer a big advantage – you can use them to trim while you’re in the shower (provided they are waterproof!). You can also use them when you’ve just washed, and so on. Trimmers that can be used wet are best if you don’t want any fuss or muss. They’re really quite convenient.

Best Pubic Hair Trimmer for Guys: Our Recommendations

Now that we’ve been through the buying guide, we can finally start talking about our recommendations. Yes, our recommendations for the best pubic hair trimmer for guys are right here. We’ve made sure look at them in review. Each feature is looked at, and we’ve made sure to include the pros and the cons as well. Hopefully this will be a big help so you can make an informed decision on the right one for you. One thing we do want to mention is that the products listed below are simply our recommendations. They are not necessarily the only ones available on the market today. And so, if nothing here interests you, don’t feel like you must pick one from this list. Look around for others if you wish!

With all of that said, it’s time for us to talk about the products we recommend and why. If you’re ready, let’s get right to it!

Our Favorite
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Value for Money


If you want to avoid some cuts and nicks, and if you want a good, clean shave, the BG7040/49 won’t disappoint. It will offer you a comfy shave that is likely quite smooth as well.

Oh and, by the way, the two trimmer heads perform two different functions. One head will allow you to cut all the way down to skin in a very close shave. The other side, on the other hand, works better for trimming hair that is a bit longer. In terms of the blade, this device offers rounded tips on the blades. This will make sure you are comfortable, even when you are shaving the parts of your body that are most sensitive.

Other Features of the BG7030/49

There are a lot of other features included in this device. This tool multitasks, making it rather effective when it comes to manscaping not just down there, but also all over the rest of your body. You can shave your armpits, your legs, your chest, your back – pretty much everything. The shave head is 4-directional, and on top of that it also pivots. This way, you can shave in any direction you need, so that you can be as efficient as possible. Like we said… you can definitely get a very effective and smooth shave this way!

This device offers five different trimmer lengths, all adjustable of course. The blades are also self-sharpening, so you don’t have to worry about sharpening them yourself. Because the blades sharpen themselves, you’ll be able to get a clean, close cut for quite a long time.

Did we mention that this unit is waterproof? As a result, you can use it anytime – including in the shower if you want to. The best part is, you can also clean it just by simply running it under water flowing from the faucet.

To ensure ease during handling, Philips have included a rubber grip. It is ergonomic, making it easier for you to handle and maneuver. You can use this corded or wireless. A lithium battery is built in, and you can get about eighty minutes of use on the battery after charging it for one hour.


  • Double heads allow you to trim or cut hair
  • Rubber grip for easy maneuvering and handling
  • Ergonomic
  • Waterproof
  • Self sharpening blades
  • Corded or wireless


  • Kind of heavy
  • Double heads aren’t for everyone – they aren’t always necessary


ES412 by Clearcut

If you want a trimmer that is specifically designed for use in the pubic area, look no further because you have found it here. The personal shaver model ES412 by the company Clearcut is your best bet. It might just be the best pubic hair trimmer for guys, mostly because it’s specifically designed for the purpose. The company behind this product claims that this unit is actually the very first shaver made specifically for trimming pubes. Now whether that’s actually true is unsure, but hey – we have no reason for any doubt. This product, the ES412, is a trimmer for men’s pubic hair, and it is absolutely one of the best you can find on the market today.

ES412 is a rather versatile device on its own, and for shaving in general. In fact, even women can use it for their bikini lines if they wish. The device can be used on armpits, as well. In fact, this trimmer is even good for styling pubes if you wish.

The unit is made from stainless steel. It is for this reason that it is even more long-lasting and durable. Yes, this hardy device can be safely used all over your body, and at the same time you can be sure it will last you a long time.

In terms of performance, this unit will most certainly deliver, and for a number of different reasons. The motor is top-notch, which makes it possible to cut everything neatly each and every time. The assembly of the blade is quite high quality as well, so you will enjoy how your shave feels as it glides instead of grinds. You’ll find that altogether, this trimmer offers great quality and results.

More Features of the ES412

The design of this unit is quite different. It’s cylindrical, which makes it a bit easier to grip as you maneuver it around while you trim. It’s also ergonomic, so it makes it easier to reach some areas that would otherwise be more difficult. Clearcut’s offering is also battery powered, by the way, so you can use it cordless.

One thing that the company claims about this product is that you cannot cut or nick yourself during its use. This is because the blades are not exposed, so you’re safer in that regard. It’s a real big bonus, considering the fact that you’ll be shaving a really sensitive area. Note, however, that the ES412 does not come with a pair of scissors. This is rather inconvenient, considering the fact that the company itself advises you to trim your hair with scissors first if it is longer.

Clearcut also advises using talcum powder before you trim so that you can ensure your hair and skin is moisture-free. Also, it is advised that you clean your inner blade and your foil after every shave.

Pros and Cons of the ES412


✔️Specifically designed for trimming pubic region
✔️Awesome for skin that is sensitive
✔️Blades are hidden so risk of nicks is lessened

❌Not as good for hair that is longer

Tips and Tricks

We’re not just going to tell you why people trim. And, just the same, we’re not just going to give you our recommendations. Naturally, we do also want to give you some tips and tricks. Hopefully, these tips we’ve given will help you to more easily “manscape” with ease. Don’t go off to trim your pubic hair just yet – read these tips to help you have a much easier time with it in general.

If you can, try to spend a little more for quality tools.

First things first, we do want to give you our first tip: don’t skimp when it comes to tools. The truth is, this particualr tip can make a pretty big difference in your shaving and trimming experience. If you have proper tools, quality tools in fact, you’ll find that your trimming will go much easier. Indeed, your tools – the quality of them that is – will be a big factor in the results that you get.

If you get a trimmer that goes blunt really quickly, you’ll find that the next time you shave, your hair will get caught in the blades. This can be painful, and even injurious at times. And of course, if you have blunt tools, you’ll get an awful trim that looks uneven and feels rough. Not exactly the kind of results you want when you’re trying to manscape down there.

When you get your tools, it is best that you invest in quality ones that are specifically able to handle your body hair. You’ll want a good trimmer, and then probably a good pair of scissors too. If you plan on shaving at some point, you’ll likely also want to get a quality razor as well.

Important note: it goes pretty much without saying that you should have separate tools for your body and for your face. Remember that your body and your face each have a different set of bacteria. If you use your body grooming tools for your face, you might run into some problems. For example, you could get irritated skin, infections, and rashes as well. Not something you’d want – it truly can ruin your day!

And of course, remember to clean and sanitize your tools after every use!

Your skincare products matter.

Next thing we can tell you is to be mindful when you select your skincare products. The right ones will help you to avoid things such as razor burn and bumps. Skin irritation can also be a thing of the past if you make sure to choose a good skincare product regimen. Of course, with manscaping, you won’t be needing to have as many skincare products, if any at all. However, at the very least you should have a shaving cream that can help you avoid a lot of future problems. Shaving cream will also offer you a good amount of slip so that your blade won’t catch on your hair.

Note that if you’re trimming your pubic hair the conventional way, as in with scissors, you probably won’t really need any shaving cream. Nevertheless, it’s still good to have around just in case. Besides, you can use the shaving cream for both your face and your body, so you won’t just have the can/bottle lying around unused!

If you plan to shave, it might be a good idea to have a product like a moisturizing cream that you can use afterwards. This can help your skin heal and repair after your trim and shave. You can use body butters and body lotions for this purpose, although it’s always good to find a product that is unfragranced or unscented. Products that have silicone as an ingredient can also be helpful – silicone is identifiable in ingredients lists because it usually ends with -methicone. For example: dimethicone. Be sure to do a patch test first, though, because some people are a little sensitive to silicones.

Shave carefully, using the right process.

When you’re shaving and you want to shave completely clean, it’s a good idea to avoid going against the growth (or grain) immediately. Doing this can increase your risk of ingrowns and skin irritation. Instead, you should first shave along the grain, then perpendicular to the grain. Once you are done with this, only then should you go against the grain.

We already mentioned previously that the tools you have can be a big factor in your results. It’s not any different in this situation. When shaving, ensure you’re using a razor of high quality. However, remember that having a ton of blades – three blades, four blades, even five blades – doesn’t immediately mean better. In fact, a lot of guys these days opt for using something more old school – ye olde safety razor. Safety razors, after all, provide a cleaner and sharper shave, as long as you’re using really good quality blades.

Once again, we encourage you to have different razors for your body and for your face.

Oh, and also, before you shave, try to take a shower using hot water. Warming your skin and cleaning up the area can help you to avoid infections. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to get a much closer shave.

Manipulate your skin when you get to sensitive areas.

Since we are talking about trimming and shaving pubic hair, here’s a tip that can really save you from a world of pain. Always, always, pull your skin taut when you are trimming and shaving areas that are especially sensitive. It doesn’t matter what kind of tools you’re using – scissors, safety razors, trimmers, clippers – you’ll need to do this no matter what. Yes, even if you’re using clippers with a safety guard.

Pulling your skin as tight as you can gives your tools a flat, smooth surface in order to do their task well. With your skin pulled tight, you’ll be able to avoid your skin getting caught up in your tools, which might injure you. Remember, however, that you must still be careful. You can still end up nicking yourself, after all. If you do nick yourself, use cold water to rinse the area until the cut stops bleeding. Best to avoid using antiseptics because it’s not good for sensitive skin down there. If your wound is more serious, do head on down to the hospital!

Gradually go shorter, don’t just trim and shave it all off in one go!

If you’re using the best pubic hair trimmer for guys, don’t just go ham. If you’re trimming your body hair, your trimmer might end up struggling! Our body hair is a lot thicker and often coarser than our facial hair (and the hair on our heads). As a result, you’ll want to go slow by trimming a bit of length at a time before you give yourself the final trim to your desired length. This is because if you just go in and try to trim long hair immediately, you could bog down your blades, damaging them. What’s worse is you can get your hair caught in the blade guard – big ouch.

And so, we recommend working your way down little by little. Use your largest guard, then go one or two sizes down. Finally, use your desired length instead. Make sure that you don’t cut longer than a fourth of an inch at a time or so.

Also, we want to remind you that if you’re using a trimmer or a clipper, you should be using it on dry hair. If your hair is wet, you’ll end up causing your blades to rust a lot sooner than they normally would. After you’re done shaving, maintain your trimmer by brushing hair away, and using rubbing alcohol in order to sanitize. Don’t forget the blade oil!

Take Your Time

Last but most importantly not the least when it comes to trimming your pubic hair is to take your time. Remember, you should go slowly, especially because you’re trimming hair on a part of your body that is very sensitive. Be careful and take your time, especially as you go around contours and hard to reach areas. Remember, not even the best pubic hair trimmer for guys will save you from possible nicks and pain if you’re rushing things!


This article was written with the intent of helping you to find the best pubic hair trimmer for guys. We hope that we have successfully done this. With the detailed buying guide as well as the recommendations, we hope that you will now be able to discern for yourself what the best trimmer is. After all, you do now know exactly what to look for in a trimmer!

Just always remember – no matter what you do, go slow. And of course, be careful as you trim. Use a pair of scissors to trim longer hair down first. Otherwise, you might find that your hair could get caught in the blades and it could really hurt. Remember to properly maintain your device as well, so that it can last you for a much longer time.

If you remember all of the tips and tricks we gave you, trimming your pubic hair will be much easier in the end. Good luck, and happy shopping!