does trimming beard make it grow thicker

Does Trimming Beard Make it Grow Thicker?

The beard growing community is shrouded by various myths. One of the classic myths is that shaving your beard makes it grow back denser than before. But does trimming beard make it grow thicker? The truth is that there’s no solid evidence supporting this claim. While trimming will make your beard appear fuller, the strands will have the same thickness as before you shave it.

However, there are many benefits to snipping a few centimeters off your precious beard. In this post, I will discuss the effects of beard trimming and some tips that will actually help in making your facial hair thicker.

Does trimming beard make it grow thicker?

does trimming beard make it grow thicker

As a beardsman, I can tell you that shaving alone won’t make your beard grow thicker. The dense feel you get after trimming and re-growing your beard is a matter of healthy hair. Since you cut the old and unhealthy growth, your beard got the chance to grow healthier. With that, the strands are durable; thus it appears thick and fuller.

How is this possible, you ask? Well, split ends make your beard look thinner from the surface. It will also make your facial hair dry and wiry. In the long run, your beard will not achieve the thickness that you want.

Aside from ruining the look of your beard, split ends also halt the growth of healthy facial hair. The only way to stop this cycle is chopping off the split ends to make room for healthier growth.

In short, if you have thin hair, there’s no way trimming can make your beard thicker. There are other ways you can try, which I discussed below.

Benefits of trimming your beard

Despite that, trimming your beard has a lot of perks. The following are some of the reasons why I swear by regular trims:

1. Reducing tangles

does trimming beard make it grow thicker

Like your head hair, beard hair can get tangles and knots as it grows longer. Keeping it in a manageable length will save you from the dilemma of working on nasty snags.

Aside from that, very long beards aren’t for everyone. Others look suave on a long beard, while there are some (like me) who look unkempt and shaggy with an extremely long facial mane. It’s all about matching the length to your appearance and the level of maintenance you can tolerate.

2. Speeding up growth

Trimming your beard actually makes it grow faster. This may not be an absolute truth for all guys, but it’s true for me and many of my friends. Just make sure that you trim it at least three weeks into the growth process. Trimming too early or before the three-week mark will sabotage the growth of your facial hair. Aside from that, you only need to trim 2 to 3 centimeters at a time.

3. It shapes your beard

does trimming beard make it grow thicker

No one wants an unruly beard, so trimming is a very important part of maintaining your facial hair. You need to shape it by making minor trims. This is aside from washing and moisturizing the hair to prevent it from looking like pubes.

Always maintain proper symmetry to give your face a balanced look. I suggest trimming half a centimeter first then checking it in the mirror from time to time. Slowly but surely, as they say.

4. Keeping it clean

One of the struggles of growing a beard is preventing food bits from getting into it. A very bushy beard will make it impossible not to make a mess on your chin. This is why trimming and keeping the beard manageable is very important. This will also save you from the hassle of cleaning your beard after every meal.

If you don’t trust your trimming skills, I suggest that you let a barber do it for you. This will cost a fee, but it’s much better than messing the beard you grew for months.

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How to make your beard grow thicker

While trimming won’t make your beard grow thicker, there are other ways to achieve a full and bushy facial mane. Here are some of the tips I swear by:

1. Take good care of your skin

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Many beginner beardsmen are guilty of focusing too much on facial hair. You also need to take care of the skin where the hair grows. Remember, healthy skin grows a healthy beard.

Make it a habit to wash your beard every time you’re taking a shower. Don’t rely on the shampoo and water that flows down to your beard. You should get a beard wash formulated specifically for your facial skin and hair.

Exfoliating is also very important. It removes deep-seated dirt that blocks your hair follicles. In the long fun, exfoliation will help your beard grow longer and thicker.

Also, avoid touching your beard too much. Doing so just transfers the dirt to your hands, which will make the skin irritated and the hair sticky.

2. Use a nourishing beard oil

After cleaning your beard, it’s important to seal the grooming session with nourishing beard oil. This will moisturize your facial hair and skin to prevent split ends and brittleness. Take note that a small amount goes a long way in beard oils. Be modest because no one wants an oil-dripping beard.

Personally, I swear by the Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil. It’s a blend of avocado oil, sweet almond oil, moringa oil, virgin pumpkin seed oil, jojoba oil, and more. It’s all-natural and very gentle on my skin. It softens the beard and conditions the skin to encourage a thicker and longer growth. I also like the nice smell of this oil, which isn’t as overwhelming as other options.

3. Keep your beard clean

Keeping your beard clean is more than just washing it every day. You also have to mind the times you touch it. Avoid stroking your beard too much. And if you’re eating, make sure that no bits will get stuck on your facial hair.

I also want to emphasize that you should rinse your beard right away if you swim on the beach. The saltwater soaked on your beard can easily make it dry and wiry. Have bottled water handy to give your mane a quick rinse.

4. Quit smoking

Smoking stunts your beard, not to mention that it gives your facial hair a brittle and wiry characteristic. The toxins on the cigarette smoke will sabotage your beard growth. It will also make your skin dry, which will impact the health of your hair follicles.

Aside from that, smoking discolors your beard and mustache. The nicotine will usually leave a yellowish or brownish color, which will ruin the look of your beard.

If you’re serious about growing a thick beard, you might as well quit your vices. It will also lengthen your life and save your loved ones from lung problems.

5. Consider taking supplements

Biotin supplements are a big help in growing a thick and healthy beard. Aside from your beard, these supplements will also help grow your heard hair. However, it will not stop receding hairlines or male pattern baldness.

For my beard, I take the ALPHA BEARD Growth Vitamins. This is packed with vitamins and minerals, including biotin, MCT powder, ginkgo biloba extracts, and Aloe vera. It’s also vegan and all-natural. So far, it has yielded excellent results on my beard, together with my daily cleaning regimen.

Just note that beard supplements aren’t magic pills. It doesn’t work for everybody, but there’s no harm in trying.

6. Boost your testosterone

Beard growth is highly regulated by androgens or the sex hormones of males. One of which is the Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. The goal here is to reach optimal levels of DHT to boost body hair growth. Just note that too much can lead to balding, so always keep things in moderation.

Experts suggest taking L-carnitine L-tartrate (LCLT) can help activate the human androgen receptors. The more sensitive the receptors are, the more efficient DHT utilization will be.

Other beardsmen use Rogaine (Minoxidil) to increase the growth of their beards. It may help with patchy beards, but again, it’s not a magic solution.

7. Eat a proper diet

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The food you eat will also affect how well your beard can grow. I don’t really stress too much on crafting a ‘beard diet’. My goal is to eat healthily, so my body gets the nutrition it needs.

Start eating vegetables like you mean it, and make sure that you get a good dose of protein. You can also add testosterone-boosting food items like tuna, egg yolks, beef, oysters, and beans into your diet.

Aside from that, you should be aware of your allergies. One time, I ate mussels, and it gave me a nasty rash all over my face. My chin ended up with scratches as I try to ease the discomfort.

8. Let it grow!

Lastly, just let it grow! Give your beard the time it needs to grow naturally. Touching it too much and overdoing treatments will just sabotage the growth of your beard.

In general, beards take at least three weeks to grow a substantial length. It could be slower for others, depending on their overall health, habits, and diet. Sometimes, it’s a matter of genetics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What beard length is the best?

A: If you’re aiming for a stubble beard, the ideal length is just 2.5 mm. However, if you want bushier growth, you can extend it to a few centimeters and up to several inches. It all depends on the look you want to achieve and the maintenance level you can handle.

Q: Should I trim my beard when I’m growing it out?

A: Even if you’re growing your beard, it’s important to give it a nice trim. This will shape the bulk and remove the split ends to give way for healthier growth. Trimming is necessary even if you happen to have thin facial hair.

Q: Is it better to trim my beard before or after a shower?

A: Trimming your beard before taking a shower is ideal since the hairs are standing up. It’s also easier to manage than damp hair. Aside from that, a wet beard will look longer than normal, which increases your risk of cutting it too short than what you intended. But if you’re going for a close-shave, you should do it after a shower.

Q: Should I shave my neck when growing a beard?

A: It’s not necessary to shave your neck while growing a beard. But if the excess hair along your neck is bothering you, there’s no harm in giving it a shave. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it. Always consider the shape of your beard, especially if you’re shaving near the chin.

Q: Does trimming cause ingrown hairs on my beard?

A: Trimming can cause ingrown hairs if you don’t do it right. A dull blade is guaranteed to irritate the skin and damage the hair follicles of your beard. Also, you should always moisturize your beard to prevent the tips from digging into the nearby follicles.

Final words

Does trimming beard make it grow thicker? No, it doesn’t, but there are other ways to boost your facial hair growth. I hope the tips I discussed above helped you in growing a healthy beard. Remember that each beard is different, so you should never compare yourself to others.