should I cut my hair short for summer

Should I Cut My Hair Short For Summer? Here’s My Take

For someone who has thick hair, I always ask myself this question every year: should I cut my hair for summer? With the summer season in Arizona being insanely HOT, I try all possible methods to stay comfortable. This includes cutting my hair short every summer. But should you do the same? Below, I discussed some considerations that will help you decide if short summer hair is suitable for you.

It’s all about what you want

should I cut my hair short for summer

Should you chop your hair this summer? The answer is it depends on what you want. If you’re in for comfort and saving shampoo, short hair will be perfect. While some will say that it doesn’t suit everybody, I think it’s all about what women (or even men) want.

Short hair can be gorgeous, too, with the right style and products. But if you’re not yet convinced at this point, read on below.

Advantages of cutting your hair for summer

✔️It keeps you cool

If you live in an area that gets scorching hot during summer months, cutting your hair would be a comfortable option. There are no hair strands sticking on your sweaty neck or long hair that gets feel weighed down due to humidity.

Take note that going short doesn’t mean ‘short-short’. You can start on the shoulder level and then work your way up as you wish. Cutting in increments will let you see how the haircut will look and how short you can go further. Also, this prevents haircut nightmares, especially if you’re doing it on your own.

✔️You’ll be up and running faster

No matter what the season is, styling long hair is a chore. And during summer, it becomes even challenging due to humidity. Cutting your hair short will help a lot, especially if you always have to get up early for work or school.

✔️It promotes hair growth

Is your hair mired with split ends? The summer season might be the perfect time for a short haircut to remove this poor growth. This will give way for healthier hair to grow while keeping you cool. Regular heat treatments and styling will take its toll on our hair. By snipping damaged hair, you can have a fresh start come fall or winter.

Some disadvantages

You can’t put it in a ponytail

One of the downsides of short hair is you’ll find it hard to throw hair in a ponytail. And as every lady knows, ponytail is a quick solution for bad hair days. You should consider this first before snipping your crowning glory short for summer.

Even if this is the case, there are some workarounds in styling short hair. Check these 20 short hair updos that I highly recommend!

It could get in the way of your workout

Since you can’t put very short hair in a ponytail, it might be annoying during workout sessions. Imagine yourself going for an outdoor run with your short hair flapping all over your head. It can be sticky and uncomfortable. Still, you can always experiment with pins and bobs to secure your short hair before hitting the gym.

You’ll be at odds with humidity

To be fair with short hair, the humidity will be peskier on long hair. However, ladies with wavy and curly hair will suffer from poor curl control during summer. And since you can’t put your short tresses on a ponytail, this can be frustrating.

To fix this problem, I recommend washing your hair with an anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner. After that, use a smoothing treatment to tame flyaways that will worsen once exposed to increased humidity.

It will need frequent trims

While short hair may seem like a long-term solution, you actually need to trim it often to maintain the style that you like. You can easily grow out of your bob cut, so you need to give it a few snips from time to time.

Do you want to know how to do a bob cut? Hairstylist Jamie Dana shows us the process in this video:

Additional considerations before cutting your hair short

Now that you get the bigger picture, I want to add some specifics. This is to ensure that your short hair will complement your facial features or the style you want to sport.

Your face shape

If you prioritize comfort over style, you’re free to skip this part. But for the sake of those who are conscious about their face shape, hear me out.

Those with a heart-shaped face should steer clear of stacked and concave short hairstyles. This is top-heavy and will make your forehead appear wider. Opt for a layered and wispy look that will hide your forehead.

Meanwhile, those with round faces like me will thrive on a pixie cut. I know that it takes guts to go this short, but it may just be the perfect haircut you’re looking for in the summer season.

Your lifestyle

Many of us style and dress based on our mood for the day. If you’re always in a hurry and can’t spare enough time for an intense styling session, try a tousled and low-maintenance haircut. The likes of shoulder cuts, curtained lob, classic crop, airy bob, and stacked are some of my go-to styles in the past years.

Are you looking for more low-maintenance haircuts? Check this amazing compilation from Southern Living!

Timing is everything

If it’s summer and you’re planning to attend a big event, you should think twice before getting a short haircut. Is your new style going to match your dress? Can you flaunt it with confidence? Also, never cut your hair short if you’re emotionally unstable. You may regret it in the end.

Find the right stylist

While DIY haircuts will save you a few bucks, you should find the right hairstylist for the job. Going for short hair is a drastic move, and you’d want it to be done properly. The hairstylist can also advise about the best haircuts that suit your face shape and desired look. You’ll be surprised by how much the hairstylist can transform your appearance through a short haircut.

Be realistic

Remember, we’re talking about the summer season. While your short haircut may feel and look impeccable at the salon, it will be different outdoors. Humidity will set in, and newly cut tips may fly away. It’s all about knowing how to tame these pesky factors and using the right product. As much as possible, steer clear of heat for the meantime.


Should I cut my hair short for summer? The answer is both yes and no, depending on what you want. If you want to stay comfortable and cool on the hot season, a short haircut is a smart choice. However, it also comes with some downsides that you should factor in before going to the salon.