how to trim short hair yourself

How to Trim Short Hair Yourself – Tips to Prevent Disaster!

Are you planning to cut your own hair short? Before you get a pair of scissors and start snipping away, you may want to pause for some tips. We know you could be bored, but you’d also want to prevent a haircut disaster you’ll surely regret. So for a DYI-er out there, we recommend that you read through the following tips on how to trim short hair yourself:

1.     Get the right  tool

So you have a pair of scissors, and you’re ready to snip. But let me stop you there! Before you do the cut, make sure that you have the right tools for the job. If you’re going DIY, you might as well invest in a razor-sharp pair of scissors. This way, you will not struggle mid-cut with a dull scissor. Take note that a dull tool will result in an awful cut.

Your scissors should give an excellent clean cut with no split ends. Also, you should have a fine-toothed comb to keep your hair in the right place while cutting.

2.     It’s not for everyone

Next, you should know that short hair isn’t for everyone. If you’re crazy about how your face will look after the cut, we recommend sleeping the idea over. You’re probably aiming for a post-breakup haircut, or you might be in the middle of a big life change. A DIY haircut isn’t the answer unless you’re keen and willing to accept the possible result.

Avoid taking the plunge of going extremely short in a snap. If you’re not sure how it will look, you must cut in increments.

3.     Do so in the right time

Are you going to a big event or a public appearance? If so, it might not be the perfect time to make a significant change in your haircut using DIY methods. For those aiming for a big look change before an event, we recommend going to a stylist instead.

Take note that a disastrous haircut can only be fixed through time. With an upcoming event, you don’t have much time to spare.

4.     Don’t forget about the texture

Avoid those dull, equal haircuts that make you look like a cartoon character. Instead, add some texture to your short hair by cutting some pieces shorter than most. This will give weight to your hair and make the haircut look more natural.

However, avoid over-texturing your hair, or you may end up cutting everything too short unintentionally.

5.     Be realistic

Unless you’re a stylist, you should be realistic with your results. You’re not going to look like a Hollywood star after your DIY haircut. You may also need to do some touch-ups after removing much of your hair’s length.

We recommend prepping before making the haircut. This way, you can avoid any potential disaster. We recommend looking for inspiration photos, so you’ll know what you’re up to.

6.     Wet or dry?

Here’s the rule in cutting your hair: straight hair should be wet, curly hair should be dry. Why is this so? Wet straight hair will give you perfect snips. Meanwhile, you need to keep your curly hair dry because it will look way different when it’s dry as compared to when it’s wet.

You can also copy what your hairdresser would do with your hair on the salon. If she keeps your hair dry while cutting, it might be best to keep it that way too.

Do you need more help in trimming your curly hair? Here’s our guide in trimming your curly locks on your own.

7.     Do it in sections

When cutting your hair short, you must divide your hair into sections. This will make the snipping much easier and safer. This reduces the risk of cutting sections you’re not supposed to cut.

It’s the same reason why professional hairdressers would section your hair before they start trimming. Besides, sectioning makes your hair more manageable, especially if you have thick locks.

Make sure that you make equal sections so your haircut will not look lopsided after.

8.     Snip in stages

Regardless if you have experience cutting your hair or not, you should always cut in increments. After snipping a centimeter or two, pause and comb your hair. See how it looks like and if you’re doing it right. It’s time-consuming, but it ensures that you’re on the right track.

Always snip in stages so you can decide if it’s best to go shorter or not. This way, you can also prevent your haircut from turning into a disaster.

We’ve seen a lot of DIY haircuts turn disastrous because the person keeps on cutting without checking. You may be bored, sad, or excited, but doing this will not end up well.

9.     Don’t go against the flow

Like cutting wood, you should always go on the direction to which your hair grows. Working against your hair will only make the process difficult and the result less appealing. Just tame your hair in one length and cut along its flow.

Also, wash off any products that you’ve used in your hair. This way, you can see how your hair will look naturally with the haircut. Always brush and comb your hair after several snips.

10.  If in doubt, consult a stylist

If you’re in doubt with your DIY haircut, we always recommend consulting your stylist. This way, they can advise on what looks good on you. Also, you can ask some tips on how to trim short hair yourself. If you’re friends with your hairdresser, asking these questions will not feel awkward.

You should also do your research. Look for what’s suitable for your type of hair and the style you’re aiming for.


Knowing how to trim short hair yourself can be daunting. But if you want to try things on your own, the tips above will help a lot. Make sure that you have the right tools and that you practice patience to prevent ugly cuts.

Do you have something to add here? Share your DIY haircut tips with us in the comment section!